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Below you will find a run down of some uk broadband providers, what they offer and what you get from them.

BT Broadband & BT Yahoo! Broadband

BT are offering one of the best broadband packages around, and as one of the leading UK Broadband Providers you can't go far wrong with them

They have broadband starting from just £15.99 (first 3 months) for their basic broadband deal. They also offer a standard broadband deal too with free modem and free connection!
More information on
BT Broadband

Orange broadbandOrange Broadband

Orange offer an extremely cheap UK broadband service. They supply broadband from just £19.99 per month for 8Mb broadband connection.

Offering free modem and set up when you take up broadband with them you are on to a great deal and great saving for your broadband.

More information on Orange Broadband

Telewest Broadband Telewest broadband provider

  • Free installation when ordering before 29th February
  • Cable modem included in the price
  • 30Mb of personal web space
  • 5 blueyonder personalised email accounts
  • Remote Dial-up Access, which allows you to check emails from a different dial-up connection
  • Access to the Multi Player Gaming site
  • Technical Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week****
  • A guide to helping you get the most out of broadband internet
  • Free set up - all you pay is ?29.99 per month subscription

Virgin Broadband Virgin broadband provider

Virgin Broadband is the provider for you if you don't want to have a 12 month contract. This means that you are able to end the service when you want and are not contracted to one provider for a 12 month period.

They have a half price starter kit which is only £24.99 (this includes your broadband modem)

After that all you pay is just £24.99 per month

More information on Virgin Broadband

NTL broadband providerNTL : Home Broadband

NTL again are offering a free broadband modem (saving £80) if you order online and also free connection which is a further £70 saving meaning you will save £155 right away!

On top of this they are also offering the first month free so you will get one months free broadband internet access.

They have 3 different broadband packages available:

  • 3 times dial up speed (150K) - £17.99 per month
  • 10 times dial up speed (600K) - £24.99 per month
  • 20 times dial up speed (1Mb) - £34.99 per month

So if you are looking for a broadband provider that will give you a 1Mb connection so you can surf at 20 times the speed of a dial up modem then NTL is the broadband provider for you

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