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What is Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is an increasingly popular method of internet users connecting to the Internet via a mobile broadband connection.

What mobile broadband offers is the chance to connect to the Internet from anywhere where you get network coverage from the mobile broadband provider. Mobile broadband in the UK is provided by the mobile phone network providers, due to the network coverage across the UK that they have is why they can offer the mobile broadband services.

Mobile broadbandWith near total coverage across the UK the network coverage of the mobile providers means that they can offer the same coverage with their mobile broadband offerings.

Mobile broadband requires a small USB modem dongle (similar size to a USB memory stick) to be plugged into the laptop and providing you have network coverage form the broadband provider then you will be able to connect to the Internet, this makes mobile broadband ideal for people who work around the UK and travel allot who need access to the Internet and also to homeowners who perhaps don't have a telephone line so can't receive broadband down the phone line.

Mobile broadband can offer download speeds from around 2Mb up to around 7Mb, although the speeds you receive can vary on your USB modem and also the strength of the network coverage. Mobile broadband would not really be ideal to be used for watching TV programs online as most of the deals come with around 2-3Gb usage limits, after which you will have to pay for any extra usage which could turn quite costly if you don't keep an eye on it. Also using mobile broadband abroad can also be costly so it is worth checking what the roaming charges are before you make use of mobile broadband abroad.

Users have the choice of a mobile broadband contract where they sign up for a minimum number of months or there is also the pay as you go mobile broadband option for those who may not need regular mobile broadband access.

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