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zenith replica Collection has been enriched with a new timepiece of breathtaking beauty. The base of the watch has a 14-Day Tourbillon which in this new edition is further beautified. The intricate caliber, which is visible from both sides, has been meticulously engraved. It is covered in acanthus leaf patterns. The two-week power reserve watch shows off the Maison's engraving expertise and is housed in a modestly sized platinum case.

Genevese watchmaker celebrates 260 years of production of luxury watches. zenith replica has launched several new models to highlight the fact that the brand is the oldest in the world with continuous production. The watch we will be discussing today is one of these commemorative timepieces. It comes from the zenith replica. The collection of watches that celebrates the traditional arts includes models with stunning beauty and intricate techniques. This new collection focuses on the art of miniature engraving.

The choice of motif reflects the commemorative spirit of this watch. The new 14-Day Tourbillon is decorated with acanthus leaf decorations. This type of ornamentation was first observed in the 5th Century B.C. It was used to embellish the Corinthian column. The natural motif that represents glory, victory, and eternity is known by its charming appearance.replica wathces It can be used in many different combinations. The motif was used heavily in other artistic movements after the Ancient Greek period. Most notably, during the Renaissance, and the Baroque. It is also important to note that this motif was used on the very first pocket watches produced by the company that began producing high-end clocks in 1755.

The floral motif, which is visible on all the plates and bridges of the movement, was created by a master engraver. zenith replica relies here on the skilled work of a master engraving who embellishes this caliber using line-engraving techniques and champleves. The engraver's feat is further complicated by the fact that he or she is working on a surface that is so small, it is less than one millimeter. The caliber is in its original shape.Rolex Replica Watches The caliber is not enlarged in order to make the process easier. It has already been finished using techniques like circular and straight graining and beveling as well as polishing.

The engraver has to work at least 10 days straight in order to finish the task using a small chisel. This is also demonstrated by the fact that engraved surfaces are only 2/10ths of a millimeter high on the back of the watch. The laborious process pays off, as the final product is absolutely stunning.

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