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Network Gaming

Network gaming is the new challenge for people with computer consoles.

There is PS2 Network gaming for people with a Playstation 2 and XBox Live gaming for people with an X-Box

Network gaming allows you to connect your console to the internet and play games against friends online.

As broadband allows you to talk and surf at the same time you are also able to play against your freinds online and talk to them too or anyone can use the phone to call anyone else.

If you want to play on your console and someone wants to use the internet at the same time then you can do this too.

All in all, Network gaming will open a whole new gaming experience.

Click for more information on Playstation 2 Network Gaming or XBox Live gaming

BT Yahoo offer a games console gaming package for just £29.99 per month, which includes free line activation BT Yahoo Network Gaming

Play games console online

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