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Broadband deals

As there is more and more broadband providers to choose from there is also great competition for them to get you to use their services.

This means that there are more deals and special offers available to you the consumer

These special deals come in the way of:

  • Free broadband modem - The price of a broadband modem can be from £60 to £80!
  • Free broadband set up and connection This means you can get your broadband set up and connected for free so you again don't have to pay the charge for this which can be another saving of about £60 to £70!
  • First month free - You may also be able to get your first month free so you will have one months broadband connection for no charge!

On top of these great offers and deals you may be entitled to other extras, such as virus protection, spam and junk mail blockers, and even free text messages

One of the best examples of the above offers is from BT Broadband who offer the first 3 months at a reduced rate, give you free modem and connection

BT Yahoo Broadband

Orange broadband

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