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BT Broadband Basic

BTBroadband basicEnjoy a faster online experience with our simple, low-cost broadband package. You�ll enjoy the Internet up to 10 times the speed of a normal dial-up connection, so you can email and download files much quicker, and simply do more online. With a download and upload allowance of 1Gb a month you can access the equivalent of up to 200 music tracks or 650 30-second video clips. BT Broadband Basic is an excellent value, no-frills service designed for people with only one PC who are happy to find free help online. A phone helpline is also available at a premium rate.
You can set up BT Broadband Basic for free, as you get free connection and also free modem which is a great saving!
The monthly cost for the service is just �15.99 (for the first 3 months) and then just £17.99 per month after that when paying by Direct Debit or Monthly Payment Plan, otherwise �1 a month more.

You get all the usual benefits of broadband that you can view here

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